buy used wind turbines & their spare parts

We are a globally trading On-Line broker of Renewable Energy Equipments with a focus on Used Wind Turbines,and thier spare parts,who provides marketing services for buyers and sellers of new and used Wind Turbines in all configurations

About the Firm

We equally buy,sell,dismantle,erect and easily connect buyers to sellers globally to conduct a trade between each other.
As concerns transportation of your purchased equipment,global shipping and transportation services for heavy haulage such as wind turbines is a very specialized business for which we are not equipped for ,as we are not a transportation service company.That said, we have excellent contacts and can put you in contact with reliable people who will be happy to arrange transport of your purchased equipment to anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in purchasing an equipment, please contact us via email, by filling out the contact form on our « Contact us » page,with a detailed description of the brand and model you seek.
Once we have reviewed your inquiry, we will ask you to disclose more information about yourself, your company and the current status of your project,and possible project evaluation.

Once we have reviewed your project information, we will contact you and send you our standard agreement to sign and return to us. We will also ask you to provide us with an LOI (Letter of Intent) printed and signed on your company or personal letterhead which we will need to introduce you to the seller/s,in the case where we do not have the equipment available.

Once everything is above board,we will arrange for you to inspect the equipment at its location.

For inquiries,send us the details of your desired equipment,with the make and model.